About the site

This website was set up in 2001 to provide information about the newsgroup and its regular posters.

The newsgroup

This newsgroup found itself in the USENET system some time in late 2000, when a bunch of final year undergraduates at the University of Warwick decided that they wanted to continue the cycle of humour, mahem, merring, and general time wasting that filled the Warwick IT Services' hard disk space in the form of the newsgroup uwarwick.misc. Since this was an internal newsgroup only available to members of the University, and we were all about to graduate, we decided to create a new group, with the expert help of Jon Harley, newsmaster at IT Services. Its charter (as posted to alt.config) is reproduced below.


alt.alumni.warwick is intended to be a forum for general discussion about 
the University of Warwick, including both academic issues and student life 
at the university. Announcements for upcoming WGA (Warwick Graduate 
Association) events, graduate reunions and weddings, etc are also 
welcome. It is intended to emulate the internal newsgroup uwarwick.misc, 
which serves a similar purpose for current students, but is not available 
to those who have graduated.

The newsgroup will not be moderated. Binaries, adverts and off-topic 
posts will not be permitted. Messages should not be posted in HTML